RCA Victor Master Serial Number Codes – 1942-1980’s

More than that, Alexander has created a delightful live-performance space called The Vault in the small town of Berlin, NJ, about 20 miles from Center City Philadelphia and even closer to the site of the original Victor Talking Machine Co. We sat down with Alexander to learn more about his multi-faceted operation. So it seemed there was a revival in public interest. Tell us about what I imagine to be an exciting expedition. Alexander: In short, I saw the music industry break — and watched a beautiful model that had given careers to a lot of musicians and writers absolutely collapse. Who can blame them?

The Original Grammy

By Maribeth Keane — December 18th, Paul Edie talks about collecting antique Victor Victrola phonographs , including inside and outside horn models, the history of the company, and the evolution of the phonograph machines in general. When I was around 10, my grandfather passed away, and my dad brought home his Victrola and stuck it under the stairs in the basement. It was a — my grandfather bought it right before World War I.

15 Minutes with Graham Alexander, President, Victor Corporation of America task of resurrecting Victor Records, the iconic brand that dates back to the My earliest musical influences came from the Victor Victrola and my.

Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! After more than a century, gramophones, phonographs, and cylinder players are prized as collectibles —and music machines. George F. Paul has never forgotten the delight he felt when he encountered his first antique phonograph. He was a preteen in the mids in upstate New York, born to an antiques-loving family, when his year-old brother brought home a Victor Victrola model that an elderly woman gave to him after having owned it for decades.

But for Paul, it made no difference; he spent hours in his room listening to 78s on the circa machine, music that was downright Paleozoic compared with the Beatles and other bands of the day. If you ask most people to think of an antique phonograph and then tell you what it looks like, almost without fail they will describe something that resembles a Grammy Award statuette—a machine that plays a flat, grooved disc record and has a large and obvious horn.

Notable phonographs by small concerns can turn heads, too. Lioret, a French manufacturer, produced a charming cylinder-playing device that rested on a tripod and was driven by weights, much like a pendulum clock. Phonograph collectors might limit themselves to specific brands or eras, but virtually none restrict themselves to cylinder players or disc players.

Coin-operated record players, designed for use in public spaces, attract high bids because so few escaped destruction once they were obsolete. Dating to the early 20th century, the Multiphone plays cylinder records and has a gloriously steampunk appearance.

Encountering Antique Phonographs

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For true blue phonograph collectors, identifying an authentic Victor Nevertheless, it was still possible to accurately date all Victrolas since all the of the.

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For true blue phonograph collectors, identifying an authentic Victor phonograph is never difficult. This include providing a unique serial number for the majority of their phonographs. Each Victor phonograph is designed with a metal dataplate. It is placed either on or near the motorboard for models that have lids ; on the side part of the phonograph for most models with external horn and those that are lidless ; or beneath the turntable for the cheaper models and some that were launched in the 20s.

In order to view some plates, the turntable should first be lifted straight up and then off the motorboard. Each dataplate has a serial number found on the right and a model identification that is stamped on the left.

Pictured here is a Victrola XVI (Sixteen) dating from “-ola” ending obviously meant to capitalize on the popularity of Victor’s Victrola.

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Victor’s Use of Matrix Numbers

Posted: Nov Sun 15, pm. First of all I will state that this is my first post here and that I did search the archives for information, but without a definite model number, I am handicapped. I have a dated via speaker code RCA Victrola console stereo. Model VGT??? F, unreadable number maybe ? Can anyone identify this model??

Victor Victrola Model VV-IX. The IX was a very popular “upscale” tabletop Victrola​. This model used a inch Date of Manufacture. The serial number.

Circa This model Berliner, Style 5, with the optional brass horn became the trademark of first the Berliner Gramophone Company, then the Victor Talking Machine Company and later RCA Victor as a result of a painting of the time by Francis Barraud which was purchased along with the copyright by the Berliner Company. Introduced in This example has the earlier concert soundbox and optional all brass 30 inch horn. This rear mount model with “rigid arm” was introduced in late This rear mount model with the “tapered arm dates from about The extra large horns in subsequent pictures would have cost extra.

This early style Victor III dates from about or The larger than normal horn, offered as standard equipment on a Victor V would have been an option available at extra cost. Shownwith a brass bell horn, one of this vintage would normally be offered with a petaled horn. Shownwith a brass bell horn with this petaled horn.

It was initially offered with the Japanned paper mache horn shown in the first picture.

The Victrola: Great-Grandpa’s iPod

Moran, in the early s. Fagan, a United Nations interpreter, and Mr. Moran, a geologist for the oil industry, both collected recordings primarily classical music and shared their dismay over the lack of information available about Victor Red Seal records. Corresponding by post for a number of years, they conceived a project to document every Victor classical recording.

The artist ledgers included the dates of recording, the names of works performed, the number of “takes” recorded, and a limited amount of information about.

In the case of antique phonographs, I politely demur — sadly shaking my head and lamenting that there are scores of different models, and condition is all-important. Plus, there are many, many phony phonographs out there, put together by basement handymen or by Asian factories. What then can someone expect to find when searching for real antique phonographs?

Here is sampling of common and rare machines that collectors look for. This is an early version with a flat crank. Later versions used a rod-type crank. The Victrola XII is therefore a rare and sought after machine. The Victrola XI Eleven was the largest seller and is commonly found today. Victrolas are usually found in mahogany finish; occasionally in oak. A larger model such as this XVI is rarely seen with an oak finish. Pictured here is a C in rather uncommon oak. Like Victrolas, Edison Disc Phonographs were usually ordered in mahogany.

1908 VV-XX Victor Victrola VTLA Phonograph Playing Special RED CROSS Star Spangled Banner Record

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